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About Us - Nuvico

Nuvico is an industry leading video surveillance brand, offering the most value-driven, performance-rich HD-TVI and IP video surveillance products in the market.  Nuvico is expanding throughout the United States and globally with a growing network of security and IT professional business partners. 

Known for innovative designs, cutting-edge features and cost-effectiveness, Nuvico's products are built on reliability.  Nuvico delivers the latest features in video surveillance technology, ideal to help solve the security challenges faced by businesses in all industries.

Since 1999, Nuvico branded equipment has been trusted by some of the largest organizations around the globe. 

Nuvico branded video surveillance equipment is ideal for any surveillance project and is regularly installed in the following markets :

  • restaurants
  • fast food chains
  • gas stations
  • supermarkets
  • hospitals
  • public transportation
  • retails stores / shopping malls
  • schools
  • hotels
  • apartment buildings
  • dental and medical offices
  • boats / marine
  • car dealerships
  • casinos
  • bars and restaurants
  • distribution warehouses 
  • manufacturing facilities
  • critical infrastructure
  • government facilities
  • property management
  • offices
  • parks and highways