Technical Support

NUVICO stands by the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

Technical support is provided by the installing dealer.  In cases where the installing dealer is no longer available,
please complete the form below with a detailed explanation in the message area and we will offer alternative support options.

Our website offers additional support resources such as an FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions and links to demonstration videos. Additional documentation may be found on our product manuals, available as a PDF, from the Product page of and Download section.

Nuvico offers trade-in rebates for customers that are still running "End-of-Life" legacy Nuvico systems or components.  The trade-in program provides a clear and continuous migration path for end users to maintain Nuvico systems and components with the latest features, firmware updates, security patches, hardware warranty, as well as desktop software and mobile app compatibility.  To request a device trade in offer, click here.

Throughout the years we have developed various product series, so it is very important that you include all relevant details including model information when contacting us.  Not all series utilize the same DNS services, software and apps. Please include details of any client software and mobile apps utilized to connect to the system.

To request technical support, please complete the form below.