Become a Nuvico Dealer

Security Dealers:  In an ultra-competitive industry, who you partner with is critical to your long-term success. Typical every-day video surveillance brands do not prioritize on the best interests of security installers. Often, you will find these professional products being offered by e-tailers and distributors online at close to dealer pricing. For years we have observed how mainstream video surveillance manufacturers are enablers of this. Consistently poor distribution strategies have created unnecessary channel conflict and have driven margins often to points where security installers aren't able to maintain reasonable profitability.

Meet Nuvico, the security dealer's preferred video surveillance brand.  When it comes to the video surveillance market, Nuvico is on a mission.  Our clear priority is to enable the success of security professional throughout the United States and globally. Our product development, and distribution strategies are all centered around the success and continued growth of our security professional partners. 

Nuvico is now offering an exciting opportunity for technology and security professionals to partner with us and our growing brand.  The Nuvico Xcel series from Nuvico is a leading video surveillance full product line that is not over distributed in the marketplace.  Dealers need a product line that will help them stand out from the competition, while protecting their business interests.  The Nuvico Xcel series provides the latest innovations and features at the market competitive pricing you need.  

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Nuvico Dealer

  • Trust that the Nuvico product line will not be overdistributed and your business interests will be prioritized.
  • Offer a brand that is not overdistributed through too many distribution and online channels
  • Gain access to industry leading priority technical support
  • Prioritized and expedited RMA service
  • Pricing discounts and dealer only promotions
  • Get leads for new projects and service calls for quality customers in your region

Nuvico Xcel Dealer Program Benefits

Nuvico Analog DVR Trade In Program

Nuvico Legacy Model Trade In Value Estimation

We are truly looking forward to partnering with you and being a part of your success.

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