Frequently Asked Questions - Nuvico

How do I Set Up Nuvico Xcel DDNS for Nuvico Xcel Platform Devices

Click Here to download a PDF guide that will instruct you how to to set up Xcel DDNS for Nuvico Xcel DVRs, NVRs and IP Cameras.

I lost the password to my Nuvico app or recorder, how can I retrieve it?

For assistance in resetting your device, please contact your installer. If you are unable to contact your installer, or they no longer offer support services, please contact us directly. Be prepared to provide your model #, serial number, along with original proof of purchase. In some cases of older systems, you may need to ship the unit in for our technicians to reset the device's firmware.

I have a legacy Nuvico system that is End of Life, and it is no longer working with the latest mobile and desktop operating systems, what is my best course of action?

Nuvico offers trade-in rebates, for those customers that still running "End-of-Life" legacy Nuvico systems or components. The trade-in program provides a clear and continuous migration path for end users to maintain Nuvico systems and components with the latest features, firmware updates, security patches, hardware warranty, as well as desktop software and mobile app compatibility.