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Post ISC West 2014

 ISC West is one of the largest events in the security industry, and many manufacturers around the globe prepare and release new products for this event. ISC West 2014 was an especially noteworthy event for NUVICO as we introduced our new product offerings in HD video solutions in both IP and analog formats. NUVICO had great success in HD IP throughout 2013 with our auto-detecting and network-configuring System IP solutions. However, installing our System IP solution was not as easy as it could have been for traditional analog installers.

New Product List

  • HYDRA HD Recorders
  • HYDRA HD Cameras
  • EV2 960H DVR
  • 5MP Super resolution IP cameras
  • PC based MP NVRs


HYDRA HD Solution 

 NUVICO finally released the all-new, industry-exclusive HYDRA HD during ISC 2014. HYDRA HD is a new, AFFORDABLE solution for delivering HD video over coax cable. This is the same technology used in long-distance, 1080p HD video boosters, providing HD video over 1500ft using RG59, RG6, or Ethernet cable. HYDRA HD recorders and cameras do not require any IP settings for setup in order to achieve full 1080p quality over existing coax or network cable.

HYDRA HD Recorders comes in 4, 8 and 16ch

HYDRA HD  recorders and cameras do not require any IP settings for setup in order to achieve full 1080p quality over existing coax or network cable.  HYDRA HD delivers 1080p HD video to end users with existing coax or even video baluns without any updates or changes to their existing infrastructure; if their cabling was enough to transmit a standard definition picture, then HYDRA HD is supported! HYDRA HD is NOT a traditional HD-SDI solution which requires certain size cables to transmit full HD quality over long distance. HYDRA HD technology will help analog installers jump over to the HD video market at a much lower cost and with far less complexity than traditional IP video or HD-SDI, ensuring customer satisfaction and recurring business from existing end users without the inflated costs associated with rewiring or the significant cost and complexity of IP video products! Imagine, how many analog installations our dealer can upgrade to HD quality video with a minimal upgrade cost.


HYDRA HD cameras comes in various housing


What is the best application for this system

Case Study

 This case involves a commercial customer who owns an existing analog system that was installed four or five years ago. Due to the lack of detail in the analog playback, the customer desires to upgrade the playback to high-definition video. An installer can offer to replace the existing coax cable with a brand new network cable, which would require spending hours upon hours of labor to install an IP system. He might even attempt to employ an SDI camera, which has a short cable distance limitation.

By selecting the HYDRA HD solution, the complete HD upgrade will only require replacing the recorder and cameras because it utilizes the customer s current coax infrastructure. This simple equipment replacement will provide the desired HD, ensuring very high customer satisfaction, thanks to cost and time savings.

The key benefits of the Hydra HD solution is that it will save installation-time and labor costs.

Finally, an affordable 5MP IP Camera

 We at NUVICO also took our IP lines to the next level with the introduction of our new super resolution, flexible IP camera line. These all-new 5MP cameras are not only set for 5MP super resolution with 2.5 times the resolution of traditional 1080p IP cameras, but they can also be set to 1.3MP, 2MP and 3MP resolutions when higher resolutions are not necessary or future scalability is desired.

New 960H Resolution EV2

We didn't forget about the traditional analog product segment either! .

This is a true all-in-one, cost-effective, scalable open-IP camera supporting full ONVIF Profile S. The 1.3MP or 2MP resolutions can be used to record on a standard IP recorder for 720p or 1080p high-resolution recording, while the 3MP or 5MP resolutions can be used to double the area of coverage, which is best suited for large

parking lot or warehouse applications. However, the true benefit of 5MP resolution is compacting 2.5 times more pixels into a 1080p wide area to allow zooming in after recording. Therefore, 5MP resolution provides an ideal density of pixels for license plate capturing, facial recognition and pattern watching for any event, live or playback. Our NEW SN Series server-based, high-megapixel recorders are a perfect match for these cost-effective, super-megapixel resolution cameras, recording in resolutions up to 64MP with built-in 8TB removable hard disk drives.

NUVICO also announced the release of our new 960H SD analog recorder.

The new EV2 Series has been redesigned to support up to 960H SD resolution, with real-time recording for all channels.

The new EV2 is available in 4, 8 or 16channel analog configurations, which syncs perfectly with all NUVICO 700TVL 960H ready cameras in addition to supporting lower resolution legacy cameras.