Introducing New Analog HD Solution

NUVICO Introducing New Analog HD Solution

   For the last 12 years, NUVICO has been working hard to offer reliable video security products with the best possible picture quality that technology offers. NUVICO security video products, from analog cameras to full 1080p HD IP cameras, are known for optimal HD video performance and value. NUVICO currently offers the industry’s most easily installed IP video system, EasyNet, in addition to an enterprise-level, open-platform server series NVR and 5MP IP camera group. NUVICO recently introduced an IP over Coax Solution, HYDRA HD™, which is a full HD 1080p IP system. It is installed over RG59 cable, twisted pairs, or network cable, and it is capable of transmitting up to 1500 feet. HYDRA HD™ is still evolving, with even higher definition video capable of supporting up to 5MP HD cameras.

NUVICO will make another mark in the security industry in the fall of 2014 by introducing the first analog 1080p cameras and recorders—the HDocs™ HD analog video solution.

NUVICO HDocs™ is powered by HD-TVI (High Definition-Transport Video Interface) technology from Techpoint, a US-based technology and HD chip maker from Sunnyvale, CA.

This new technology helps NUVICO HDocs™ HD video solution not only reach 720p and 1080p HD image quality, but the recorders are also capable of recording 400, 500, 600 and 700 TVL in conventional analog cameras. Since HDocs™ video solution is based on a CVBS analog signal, it is a truly cost-effective hybrid system that can record both HD and existing analog cameras over coax cable. HDocs™ solution possesses no short distance limitations as seen with other HD solutions over coax. Rather than being limited to 200 or 300 foot cable distances, 1080p HDocs™ video can run over 1000 feet using simple RG59.

NUVICO will soon release over 10 different analog HD cameras in 720p and 1080p. Cost-effective analog HD recorders will also be released in 4, 8 and 16ch, which can record HD or mix analog and HD.

Stay tuned for more product release and availability news!