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NUVICO is introducing its next generation SN2 VMS NVR solution

NUVICO is proudly announcing the release of a next-generation enterprise solution, the SN2 series Intersys VMS™ NVR. It is a major upgrade from NUVICO’s current SN series of VMS-based NVR products.

Open Platform with Full ONVIF Support

The new Intersys VMS™ NVR is an open-platform VMS that fully supports various versions of ONVIF. It provides flexible compatibility with over 2000 ONVIF-based IP cameras released over the last 4+ years.

Ease of Use

Intersys VMS™ NVR follows NUVICO’s tradition of ‘Easy to install and easy to use’. It is very easy to set up and operate. Its easy-to-use interface guarantees efficiency for the security operators who take advantage of its powerful features. The user interface can be used locally on the recorder or remotely over the network. It provides intuitive access to HD security cameras with real-time monitoring and playback. Powerful search and export tools are available for locating and exporting desired video clips from the system. It is everything you would expect from professional surveillance software.


Scalability& Reliability

Intersys VMS™ is available in various system configurations. It is available in a 16-ch simple version, a 32-ch pro version, and a 64-ch enterprise version. The Intersys VMS™ NVR is designed to grow with businesses ranging from  small commercial installations to a large-scale industrial or school projects.
Optional hardware-based RAID and failover functions boost the reliability of the surveillance system.

New but Not Young

The Intersys VMS™ engine is backed by over 10 years of hardware and software experience. Various tools are available, such as powerful video analytics for surveillance and business intelligence, which provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for intruder detection, flow analysis, counting, tempering detection, and object tracking.
The Intersys VMS™ supports ImmerVision technology for effective and high-resolution stretching and handling for ImmerVision-enabled fisheye cameras. Over 10 years of experience also provide advanced plug-in designs, license plate recognition, and advanced reporting and geospatial mapping plug-ins/ add-ons.

Easy but Powerful Access on the Go

The full-featured free mobile app and web client provide network-optimized access to surveillance footage whenever needed, independent of your location.


Full 5MP and Higher Resolution Support

Intersys VMS™ supports NUVICO’s cost-effective, super-flexible, all-in-one IP cameras recording in full 5MP resolution. NUVICO’s second to none in pricing and quality 5MP ONVIF-based IP cameras provide stunning 1MP quality even after 500% digital zoom for both live video and playback. NUVICO even made it affordable enough that a dealer can buy a full 5MP NUVICO IP camera for under $300. Intersys VMS™ can record cameras up to 64 MP with a full data bit rate.


Integration with 3rd-party ONVIF-based cameras is very easy with Intersys VMS™. Intersys VMS™ is designed to be flexible and customizable to suit IP projects of various sizes. It is also a modular-based advanced platform video management and visual intelligence solution.

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