Firmware Update Now Available! EasyNet Recorders, EV2 Recorders

 Firmware version 1.5.6
 - Further improvements to HDD read/write protocol
 - Updates for PCI compliance

 EasyNet Models:
 ED-C DVR Series
 ED-P DVR Series
 ED-U DVR Series

 EN-P NVR Series
 EN-U NVR Series

The update to 1.5.6 must be performed using a USB flash drive connected directly to the recorder.
Updating Instructions link: EasyNet 1.4.47 and 1.5.6 Update Instructions


 Firmware version R4534
 - Updated GUI
 - Improved Mouse Responsiveness
 - Updated PTZ commands/communtications

 EV2 Models:
- Download Link
 EV2-800 - Download Link
 EV2-1600 - Download Link