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ED-U3200HD EasyNet-HD™ 32ch Ultra Series

ED-U3200HD EasyNet-HD™ 32ch Ultra Series
File Name Size Date Added Link
Nuvico_EasyNet-HD VMS# 8.92MiB 03/21/2017 Download
Nuvico_EasyNet-HD VMS# 14.85MiB 03/21/2017 Download
Nuvico_EasyNet-HD VMS# 15.04MiB 03/21/2017 Download
Nuvico_EasyNet-HD_VMS_v2_Quick_Installation_Guide.pdf 1.83MiB 03/21/2017 Download
Nuvico_EasyNetHD_HddCalculator.exe 1.66MiB 04/03/2017 Download
Nuvico_EasyNet_HD_Ultra_DVR_Quick_Installation_Guide.pdf 3.88MiB 04/04/2017 Download 54.15MiB 04/04/2017 Download
Nuvico_ED-U3200HD_Datasheet.pdf 674.21KiB 04/04/2017 Download

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Key Features

  • Compatible with 700TVL & 720p/1080p HD-TVI cameras
  • Multi-Layer Streaming for Live and Playback
  • Records 15pps@1080p or 30pps@720p
  • Synced time playback
  • Monitor outputs: HDMI & VGA
  • Free DDNS service
  • HD video over RG59 coax cable up to 1000 ft without a repeater
  • EasyNet-HD VMS for Window and Mac
  • Mobile & Tablet APP Name : EasyNet HD2
  • Digital Watermark
  • Up to 16TB Available

Compatible Models

  • Gen-II HD-TVI Camera
  • HD-TVI Camera


  • Rack-Mount kit (Included)

Model Numbers

  • ED-U3204HD: 4TB HDD
  • ED-U3208HD: 8TB HDD
  • ED-U3212HD: 12TB HDD
  • ED-U3216HD: 16TB HDD
  • Brand: Nuvico
  • Product Code: ED-U3200HD
  • Availability: In Stock