ED-P1610 EasyNet Pro Series 16ch

ED-P1610 EasyNet Pro Series 16ch
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License Free VMS Pro Software with Free DDNS

VMS Pro is available for MAC and PC Computers


EasyNet Touch HD Mobile App

Multi channel Live and Playback



Full screen landscape mode

Quick and easy Pinch zoom in and out








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Key Features

  • Mid-range 16-ch DVR
  • 30 pps @ CIF per ch for all 16ch
  • Pentaplex functions: Designed for multiple functions
  • Advanced Hybrid recording combines Continuous & Motion & Alarm recording
  • Available in 1TB - 6TB HDD models with DVD-RW
  • Multiple monitor outputs: HDMI (DVI), VGA, BNC, 1-Spot
  • DVR control methods: Front panel, IR Remote, Mouse,
  • Keyboard (CK-1000)
  • Watermark
  • Time synchronization between multiple DVRs
  • Windows PC & Mac compatible VMS Pro
  • Free EasyNet Touch mobile app
  • Free DDNS Service

Dimensions / Power Consumption

  • 14.53x 15.35 x 3.46 inch (W x D x H)
  • 110V 170W

Model Numbers

  • ED-P1610: 1TB HDD
  • ED-P1620: 2TB HDD
  • ED-P1630: 3TB HDD
  • ED-P1640: 4TB HDD
  • ED-P1650: 5TB HDD
  • ED-P1660: 6TB HDD
  • Brand: Nuvico
  • Product Code: ED-P1610
  • Availability: In Stock