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EV2-410 960H 4ch Analog DVR

EV2-410 960H 4ch Analog DVR

Get 30% Better Resolution From Your Analog Recorder With 960H Recording Technology

  • [Simulated image]

  • [Actual 1080p image for comparison]
  • Wider resolution means more coverage! Get the latest 960H analog recorder and get better Live and Playback picture quality for wide monitors and TVs.
  • NUVICO 960H DVR is fully compatible with all NUVICO 700TVL cameras.



File Name Size Date Added Link
Nuvico_CMS2_SETUP_1.6.0.7.exe 22.04MiB 04/05/2017 Download
Nuvico_EMS2.0Lite_V1.1_rev_Instruction_Manual.pdf 3.22MiB 05/16/2017 Download
Nuvico_EMS2Installer_1_4_12_4.exe 39.5MiB 04/05/2017 Download
Nuvico_EV2-400_800_1600_Datasheet.pdf 143.71KiB 05/25/2017 Download 17.32MiB 05/25/2017 Download
Nuvico_EV2_CMS2_Poster.pdf 3MiB 05/25/2017 Download
Nuvico_EV2_HR_QSG (V4.3)_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf 23.03MiB 05/16/2017 Download
Nuvico_EV2_Instruction_Manual v1.1.pdf 4.99MiB 05/25/2017 Download
Nuvico_McdPlayer.exe 2.39MiB 05/16/2017 Download

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Key Features

  • 960H 4ch Analog Recorder
  • Records up to 30pps @ 960H per channel
  • Real-time recording per channel
  • Pentaplex functions
  • Available in 1TB or 2TB HDD models
  • Multiple monitor outputs:  HDMI, VGA, BNC
  • Fast USB flashdrive file copy method
  • 4 channel audio support
  • Watermark
  • Time synchronization between multiple DVRs
  • Free multi-site / multi-channel mobile app: Live, Plauyback and Remote configuration
  • Free DDNS Service


  • AC-RC-160: Remote Controller for EV2

Model Numbers

  • EV2-410: 1TB HDD
  • EV2-420: 2TB HDD
  • Brand: Nuvico
  • Product Code: EV2-410
  • Availability: In Stock